MRKTNG Day 10.-11.9.2019 Case Study Anne Korkiakoski, UN Women Finland

“Supporting the World’s Women – UN Women’s Work and Better Marketing”

In her presentation, Anne Korkiakoski showcases what UN Women does globally to advance Gender Equality. She offers solutions on how the marketing community – and each of us personally – can be a great ally in this work.

Anne Korkiakoski

Board professional and Senior marketing professional Anne Korkiakoski is currently the vice chair of UN Women Finland. She has been a board member of UN Women Finland since 2015. Women’s rights are close to Anne’s heart and during her time as KONE’s EVP Marketing and Communications and a member of its board she noticed how much role models mattered in Finland and globally. She heard from many women around the world how inspiring it was to see that as a woman it was possible to have a successful career and rise to the top of KONE’s management. Anne firmly believes that UN Women and the Unstereotype Alliance give women both the courage and capacity needed for success. She also wants to challenge the marketing community to commit to providing positive role models and breaking stereotypes and do their part for Gender Equality.


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