MRKTNG Day 10.-11.9.2019 guest speakers Will Gilroy, WFA and Jon Wilkins, Karmarama

10 tips to delivering BETTER MARKETING

80% of marketers believe they deliver great brand experiences, say Bain & Company. But only 8% of consumers agree. Havas reckon that people wouldn’t care if 77% brands disappeared tomorrow. Worse still, brands are blamed by politicians and society at large for a variety of problems; making kids materialistic and overweight, tempting teenagers to drink, pushing us into debt, stealing our data, creating unsustainable consumption… the list goes on. WFA has been working with Karmarama for the last decade, talking to the biggest and brightest lights in our industry and asking one simple question: how do we win back people’s trust? Will and Jon will share their top 10 lessons from the last 10 years about how to put people first and ultimately do ‘Better Marketing’

Will Gilroy, Director of Policy and Communications, World Federation of Advertisers

Jon Wilkins, Executive Chairman, Karmarama

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Full program and event info: MRKTNG Day


Uutiskirjeen tilaajana saat markkinoinnin ja viestinnän uutiset sekä uusimman MRKTNG-lehden ensimmäisten joukossa. Saat myös viikottain koulutuksistamme kerättyjä vinkkejä käyttöösi sekä tietoa järjestämistämme koulutuksista.


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