The winners of Young Lions Finland 2024 competition have been chosen: These teams will represent Finland in Cannes this year

The most promising young marketing and communication professionals in Finland, aged 30 or younger, were awarded in the Young Lions Finland Competition. 

This year, a total of 37 teams with 53 entries participated in the seven categories of the competition. The gold winning team of each category will represent Finland at the international Cannes Young Lions Competition and participate in the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in France in June 2024.

In addition to the 7 gold awards, the jury rewarded the teams with 5 silver awards, 3 bronze awards and 6 honorable mentions.

Young Lions Finland competitors created marketing and communication entries in seven different categories based on the brief given by MIELI Mental Health Finland. Depending on the category, the competition entries had to be delivered in just 24 or 48 hours.

The jury, composed of domestic and international marketing and communication clients, agencies, production companies and media, paid particular attention to the strategic solutions, vision, distinctiveness and creative problem solving. 

When you line up this year’s winning works and their creators, they showcase a complete approach in every category. Strategy leads from a clear idea to a well-crafted final impact. With over 40 judges from around the world, this year’s discussions were insightful and strategic. Let’s hope that next year, even more young talents see the value of this competition. In the end, Young Lions will take 14 top Finnish creatives to showcase their talent on Cannes’ global stage.”, said the head of Jury, Suvi Lähde, Executive Creative Director at SEK. 

Marketing Finland, the umbrella organization for marketing communications, organized the Young Lions Finland competition for the second time.

We are extremely proud of our winning teams; this year our young talents showed an exceptionally high level of creativity and innovation. Now the Finnish teams have the opportunity to compare their expertise with the very best in the world. By organizing the Young Lions Finland competition, we want to play our part in ensuring that Finland has enough creative marketing and communications talent of international caliber in the future. This will contribute to the competitiveness and vitality of our country”, said Marketing Finland CEO Riikka-Maria Lemminki.

Katri Korpinen, Campaign Manager at MIELI ry, is also highly impressed by the teams’ open-minded creative solutions.

Courage, open-mindedness and finding a new perspective – all of this is exactly what we hoped to see from the Young Lions Finland competition entries created by the young talent. It’s wonderful to see how the creative ideas of the young professionals have crystallized into very impressive entries. Huge congratulations to the winning teams. And good luck to the winners in Cannes,” wishes Katri Korpinen.

Mieli ry may discuss with the winners the possibility of implementing their designs in its future marketing and communications.


The winning teams of the 2024 Young Lions Finland competition are:



Gold & Cannes Young Lions competitions representative

This is a call for help 

Veera Paukku, Loiva & Emma Rinneheimo, Myy Agency


Happy Mind Club 

Joel Petzold & Anh Ngo, Great Apes



Gold & Cannes Young Lions competitions representative

Mood Ring 

Jimi Hyvärinen, Reaktor Creative & Veeti Ossi, Freelancer


Access Denied 

Lauri Arjas & Erika Danielsson, Kurio



Petrina Puranen & Marianna Metsänheimo, NORD DDB Helsinki

Category sponsor:



Gold & Cannes Young Lions competitions representative

Don’t Battle Alone 

Elisa Willman & Maria Kirjonen, The Walt Disney Company


Unfriendly thoughts 

Jimi Hyvärinen, Reaktor Creative & Veeti Ossi, Freelancer

Honorary Mention 

New Record 

Marianne Mannila & Suvi Österman, Genero



Gold & Cannes Young Lions competitions representative


Vilja Turunen & Nelli Pajuharju, SOK

Category sponsor:



Gold & Cannes Young Lions competitions representative

Unwrap your mental health 

Jenny Kettunen & Emma Koukonen, Havas Helsinki


Calling Attention 

Elina Lehtinen & Iiris Tolonen, Toinen PHD

Honorary Mention 

one for you, one for me 

Dimitri Eskelinen & Ignacio Guerrero, Shook Digital

Honorary Mention 

In line for help

Malin Hertsberg & Emma Juureva, Valve Branding Oy

Category sponsor:



Gold & Cannes Young Lions competitions representative

Suicide Room 

Katariina Ollari, Bob the Robot & Johanna Vierimaa, United Imaginations


Youth Mental Health Investment Account 

Vivi Sallinen, Nitro Group Oy & Vilma Laitakari, Ivalo Creative Agency


Please hold 

Tuuli Linna, Vapa Media & Atte Maunula, Bob the Robot / NoA

Honorary Mention 

MENTAL HEALTH PACKAGE – prepared for life from the first cry 

Essi-Maria Rouhiainen & Ira Pöllänen, Valve Branding Oy



Gold & Cannes Young Lions competitions representative

Subtle Signs 

Eevi Kolinen & Emilia Nordgren, SEK Part of GREY


The Smiling Girl 

Katariina Ollari, Bob the Robot & Johanna Vierimaa, United Imaginations

Honorary Mention 

Heroes Are Human Beings As Well 

Veikko Heikkilä, Bob the Robot, & Okko Käyhkö, Pictures Helsinki

Honorary Mention 


Taneli Lahtinen & Mikko Roininen, TBWA\Helsinki

Category sponsor:


Caption: The teams awarded in the Awards Ceremony on 11.4.2024 at United Imaginations office in Helsinki. Photo: Janne Pappila.

More information:

Maarit Aarrekangas, Senior Advisor, Cannes Lions Representative, Marketing Finland, tel. +358 50 435 5613,

Campaign Manager Katri Korpinen, MIELI ry, puh. +358 40 156 1766,

Executive Creative Director Suvi Lähde, SEK, puh. +358 40 703 0337,

Cannes Young Lions Competitions challenges young creatives from every corner of the marketing and communications industry. The Competition is one of the best ways for the young talents to celebrate creativity on a global stage. Since 2006 Young Lions Finland competition has given young marketing professionals an opportunity to show their potential and talent. Young Lions Finland 2024 is the local competition, arranged by Marketing Finland, the official country Representative of Cannes Lions Awards, Eurobest Awards and Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity in Finland. Dubai Lynx and Spikes Asia Awards also belong to Cannes Lions family.

Marketing Finland is a network of companies involved in marketing and communication, with its +500 members representing approximately 90% of marketing and communication purchases made in Finland. Marketing Finland acts as an advocate for the marketing and communication industry, organizes and represents competitions and training, and offers networking opportunities and member benefits. It is part of the international marketing and communication networks WFA, EACA, and ICCO.

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