Winners of Young Lions Finland Design Competition Announced: Who were Awarded as the Best Young Marketing and Communication Professionals?

Young Lions Finland

The most promising young marketing and communication professionals in Finland were awarded in the Young Lions Finland Design Competition, which was aimed at marketing and communication professionals aged 30 or younger.

The Awards Ceremony took place at A-lehdet headquarters on April 21, 2023. (Photo: Niklas Meltio)

A total of 44 teams submitted 50 entries in seven categories of the competition. The best team in each category will represent Finland at the international Cannes Young Lions Competition and participate in the Cannes Festival of Creativity in France in June 2023.

The Young Lions Finland competition produced marketing and communication work in seven different categories based on briefs provided by the Aamu Foundation, including creative briefs ranging from advertisement films to media planning, communication, and advocacy strategy development. Depending on the category, the competition work had to be completed in just 24 or 48 hours. The Aamu Foundation supports research into childhood cancer and may discuss with the winners the possibility of implementing their designs in its future marketing and communications.

The Young Lions Finland Competition, organized by Marketing Finland, aims to help young creative designers grow in their profession.

“We are extremely proud of our young talents who have shown exceptional skill and innovation. This competition offers them an opportunity to develop themselves, compare their abilities with international standards and gain valuable experience in international competition. As organizers, we want to contribute to the vitality of the sector and ensure that Finland has enough international-level marketing and communication expertise in the future. This is important for both domestic creative services selling offices and those buying them, as well as Finnish companies operating in international markets,” said Marketing Finland CEO Riikka-Maria Lemminki.

The jury, composed of domestic and international marketing and communication clients, agencies, production companies and media, emphasized the idea and impact of creative work in selecting winners, which represents deviation from traditional solutions and a novel way of thinking and vision.

”I warmly thank all the teams for participating in the competition. It is wonderful to see how young designers have approached challenging topics and brought new, fresh ideas to help us raise funds. I hope this competition has also inspired them to continue their work with charity-related projects. I wish the awarded teams good luck in Cannes,” said Laura Paasio, Head of Foundation at Aamu Foundation.

The winning teams of the 2023 Young Lions Finland Competition are:

Design (visual identity design)
• Silver: Keep Hope Alive. Sasu Lahdensuo Woerks Oy & Samuli Kyttälä, Freelancer
• Honorable mention: The Morning Ribbon. Idaliina Karppanen, Drama Queen Communications & Julia Suvisalmi, Folk Finland

Digital (digital campaign design)
• Gold: Don’t be patient. Joel Petzold, KIDS Agency & Marianna Metsänheimo, KIDS Agency
• Silver: ReSearch Engine. Jimi Hyvärinen, Reaktor Creative & Veeti Ossi, Freelancer
• Bronze: Aamu Initiative – Turn ”If” into ”When”. Yana Basenko, Bou & Eemeli Tani, Bou
• Honorable mention: Life is worth playing. Rasmus Kärkkäinen, Bob the Robot Oy & Pauline Korp, Bob the Robot Oy

Film (commercial film design)
• Gold: Let there be swipe. Unni Leino, Oy SEK Ab & Matilda Leppäkoski, Oy SEK Ab
• Silver: The invisible ones. Jimi Hyvärinen, Reaktor Creative & Veeti Ossi, Freelancer

Marketers (creative brief design for in-house advertisers)
• Bronze: Keep on dreaming. Vilja Turunen, Suomen Osuuskauppojen Keskuskunta & Nelli Pajuharju, Suomen Osuuskauppojen Keskuskunta

Media (media plan utilizing non-traditional media channels)
• Gold: Cause: Unknown. Jenny Kettunen, Havas Helsinki & Emma Koukonen, Havas Helsinki
• Bronze: Play Your Role. Eveliina Pärssinen, OMD Finland Oy & Salla Keränen, N2 Creative Oy
• Bronze: Brewing hope for the Childhood Cancer. Aino Mäki, IPG Mediabrands Finland Oy & Sofia Hendrén, IPG Mediabrands Finland Oy

PR (innovative communication and influencing strategy development)
• Gold: Dawn.web. Saana Simander, Bob the Robot & Samy Wilkman, Bob the Robot
• Silver: Brave for a Reason. Oona Pääskynen, Miltton Oy & Erika Raiskinen, Miltton Oy
• Silver: Tear down the walls of cancer isolation. Liisa Myllymäki, Bou & Jutta Sibakov, Bou
• Honorable mention: The Cancer Experience. Tiia Rahkonen, TBWA\Helsinki & Emma Pettersson, TBWA\Helsinki

Print (print ad campaign design)
• Gold: No Last Words. Emilia Nordgren, SEK & Eevi Kolinen, SEK
• Silver: The Other Alphabet. Johanna Vierimaa, TBWA\Helsinki & Katariina Ollari, Bob The Robot

More information: CEO Riikka-Maria Lemminki, Marketing Finland, tel. +358 40 578 1974,
Head of Foundation Laura Paasio, Aamu Foundation, tel. 050 597 0554,

The Cannes Young Lions competition challenges young creative professionals from all areas of marketing and communication. The competition is one of the best ways for young talents to celebrate creativity on a global level. Since 2006, the Young Lions Finland competition has given young marketing and communication professionals in our country the opportunity to showcase their potential and abilities. Young Lions Finland 2023 is a local competition organized by Marketing Finland. It is the official representative of the Cannes Lions Awards, Eurobest Awards, and Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity events in Finland. Dubai Lynx and Spikes Asia Awards also belong to the Cannes Lions family represented by Marketing Finland.

Marketing Finland is a network of companies involved in marketing and communication, with its 500 members representing approximately 90% of marketing and communication purchases made in Finland. Marketing Finland acts as an advocate for the marketing and communication industry, organizes and represents competitions and training, and offers networking opportunities and member benefits. It is part of the international marketing and communication networks WFA, EACA, and ICCO.

In Finland, approximately 150 children under the age of 15 are diagnosed with cancer each year, and one in five of these children die as a result. In addition, more than 60% of children who have survived cancer suffer from late effects of cancer or cancer treatments at some point in their lives, and therefore do not live healthy adulthood.

The goal of Aamu Foundation is to enable the best and most modern cancer treatment so that all affected children survive and can live a healthy adulthood. The foundation raises funds and directs them to research and development in children’s cancer treatment.





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