Getting ready for Young Lions

Cannes Lions announced this years charity partner. We will be doing brand identity in 24 hours for the charity partner, but the exact briefing will be given on first competition day. Creative Director Stephanie Golla and Executive Creative Director Ang Sheng Jin were announced for this years jury for design category.

Each team will be submitting an A3 format design entry that showcases their brand identity. This must include:

  • Three visuals showing how your brand identity will work

  • A mock up that show the brand identity / design system

  • A two-part written submission (500 words)

  • Explain how your brand identity fits the brief.

  • Describe how the brand would evolve through your design.

We have been researching the internet: about the charity partner, Young Lions winners and finalists projects, interesting charity projects, and any design projects really.

Doing all the preparations we can before the brief!

We are really in a competition mood now and more excited every day. We have been connecting especially with other finalists from Finland, and hopefully we can meet up by the ocean some day and imagine together that we are in Boulevard de la Croisette, looking out to Mediterranean sea.

Katariina Valentina
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Emma Rinneheimo
Myy Agency
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