One week to go before Young Lions 2021!

Last year Katariina Valentina and Emma Rinneheimo participated for the first time ever in Young Lions Finland Competition.

We were excited to learn, have fun and check the whole competition out but hard work paid off and we won! Winners of each category were meant to travel to France for the Cannes Lions Festival to compete for the international victory among the best of the world. As we all know Covid-19 outbreak hit the world, and Cannes Festival was postponed to 2021.

During the spring 2021 Cannes Lions announced that the festival and our competition will take place as a fully virtual experience. That was of course bit of a dissapointment for us but we decided to make the best of the virtual experience and put our best effort for the Young Lions competition!

After the announcement of the dates we started preparing and virtually to connect with other competitors worldwide.

So far Cannes Lions and Marketing Finland have send us all the needed information and everything has been running smoothly. This year all the announcements and connection with people happen via Slack and email. It really does require us to work a little harder to connect virtually and get into competition mood, but the more we plan for it, the more we get excited!

The competition for Design category will be held on Monday 31st May to Tuesday 1st June. The competition itself takes only 24 hours, so we are preparing the best as we can before the brief, so everything is ready!

Katariina Valentina
Instagram | LinkedIn

Emma Rinneheimo
Myy Agency
Instagram | LinkedIn

The winning Zerobox design from 2020.

More info:

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