Why do advertisers choose Native Advertising?

Native advertising is a fairly new digital phenomenon but has quickly become common in the marketing mix of most digital marketers.

By definition native advertising is a paid advertising channel where the ad content matches the form, appearance, and function of the media on which it appears.

Simply put, it’s ads that “fit in” to a website, app or publication.

Native ads are highly engaging, and suited to mobile devices, with an average click-through-rate of up to 0.38 % for premium native ads viewed on a smartphone.

As we all know, content is still king – and that’s not going to change anytime soon.

  • Native advertising fights ad fatigue. Since native ads blend with editorial content, they don’t tire out the audience.
  • Increase in purchase behavior. Consumers are well aware that native is a form of advertising and but still, the format increases purchase intent by 18%.

Some examples:


Native advertising has the ability to give brands the chance to tell their story and build stronger relationships with their customers.

Want to know if native advertising is for your company?

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Jonathan Olsson
Head of Marketing





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