Contagious Campaign of the Month: Allbirds tags shoes’ carbon footprint

Sustainable shoe company Allbirds has committed to labelling all its products with a carbon footprint tag detailing their effect on the planet.

Each item’s environmental impact is calculated by the brand’s existing Life Cycle Assessment tool, which is being made open-source by Allbirds (as the Carbon Footprint Calculator) in the hope that the fashion industry will implement and benefit from it.

The tool works by calculating how much CO2 goes into the materials, manufacturing, transport, use and end-of-life of clothing items. If widely adopted, this breakdown would provide a simple standardised way for consumers to see how much impact the garments they buy have on the planet.

The initiative was developed in house by the brand and in partnership with SCS Global Services, an international third-party certification firm that specialises in environmental and sustainability claims by companies.

Along with making the tool available to download, Allbirds has written a 14-page manual with sustainable supply chain tips. It also addressed the world’s leading fashion brands with an open letter, requesting widespread adoption of its Life Cycle Assessment tool and product labelling idea.

Clearly labelling the negative impact that its products have on the planet is a bold move from Allbirds, but the risk is mitigated by the fact that the carbon footprint of a pair of its sneakers is considerably less than the industry average. And by sharing its Carbon Footprint Calculator, the brand rises above cheap points scoring and reinforces its commitment to solving the global climate crisis.

Contagious Campaign of the Month on WFA:n ja Contagious-verkkopalvelun yhteistyössä kuukausittain julkistettava kampanja.

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