Hyper Islandin ja Mainostajien Liiton koulutusyhteistyö käynnistyy

Mainostajien Liitto solmi kumppanuuden Hyper Islandin kanssa syyskuussa 2018. Yhteistyön kautta Mainostajien Liiton jäsenyritykset pääsevät edullisempaan hintaan osallistumaan Hyper Islandin Tukholmassa olevaan kouluun.

Lisäksi liitto saa Hyper Islandin kautta arvokkaita näkökulmia markkinointiin ja business transformaatioon. ”Olemme suunnitelleet keväälle 2019 kaksi Mainostajien Liiton jäsenille tarkoitettua koulutusta”, kertoo Mika Sarimo, joka on avustanut koulua Suomen markkinoille tulossa. Lue alta Hyper Islandin esittely:


Global learning specialists at Hyper Island have been empowering people to apply new tools, approaches and processes to their workplaces for more than 20 years. Real-time results and value added right away are just some of the benefits that organizations in Finland will soon be enjoying.

For many of us, applying what you learned in school to your workplace is a rare occurrence. The world has simply changed too much since we were in formal education and much of what we learned is redundant. Of course, today’s young professionals – the millennials and the upcoming Gen Z – have less to worry about than older workers, but the game has still changed and new skills are in demand.

Soft skills are the order of the day

Gone are the days when qualifications and certificates opened doors. In an increasingly digital world, employers want for the human touch. Soft skills, like leadership and innovation. Things that robots can’t do.

These qualities aren’t yet taught in mainstream education and challenger organizations like Hyper Island have made it their mission to equip learners with the skills they need to thrive in a digital world. Major media outlets like BBC, Financial Times and Forbes have all featured Hyper Island in recent months, as the demand for new types of skills is becoming the norm.

But, what does all this have to do with today’s organizations? Isn’t all this talk of ‘robots vs humans’ just science fiction? Actually not. The networked society is happening now and evolving consumer demands are transforming how we live and do business.

Hyper Island methodology is designed to get results

In a nutshell, Hyper Island designs transformative learning experiences to enable growth – for individuals and businesses. Unlike traditional education or service providers, the company follows its own proprietary methodology and collaborates with a wide network of real industry experts.

Hyper Island puts people at the heart of innovation, leadership and change. Specifically, it prepares graduates to be hired with the digital skills and confidence they need, professionals to accelerate their career with a digital-first mindset and new tools and methods they can apply directly to their workplace. The third arm of the offering is business transformation that focuses on unlocking the full potential of the people at an organization.

By the time Hyper Island students and course participants finish their studies, they should have acquired knowledge, skills and competence they can put to work right away:

  1. Knowledge: The theoretical background to team development and group dynamics. Awareness of the importance of reflection and feedback as tools for continuous learning. Participants should know how to work with teams and culture development.
  2. Skills: The ability to apply the right tools and methods that build trust and confidence in teams as a way of enhancing collaboration. You should also be able to effectively use reflection and feedback for personal development and team building.
  3. Competence: Awareness of ways the increase collaboration through the understanding of human needs and behaviors. The ability and confidence to apply continuous learning, self-leadership and awareness to an organization.

“Hyper Island courses get you fired up to try new things and give you tools and ideas you can easily bring home and integrate into your daily work,” says Martin Kiessling, Head of Digital Communication, Tele2, Sweden. Martin participated in the Social Media Marketing course at Hyper Island Stockholm and has since gone on to work more closely with Hyper Island’s business transmation team.

A global network of industry specialists

To keep its offering as relevant as possible, Hyper Island works with a global network of industry specialists – to tap into their expertise and create truly valuable learning experiences for its students and course participants.

Alex Nieminen from N2 Helsinki Oy is a prime example of this approach. Alex founded one of the first online marketing consulting companies in Finland, back in 1994, long before many people were even online. His insights and experience are invaluable to today’s learners and are being put to good use during the Hyper Island Social Media Marketing course, held throughout the year.

“When it comes to digital development, I think we are too technology-oriented (vs. business-oriented or goal-oriented) in Finland. Technology is too often the master, not the slave,” says Alex. “Naturally, marketing communications business has changed a lot and it will continue to change, faster than ever before. And it will lead to faster change, different kind of players and new kind of relationships between different supplier companies and clients. I don’t think that anybody can afford not to pay attention to these changes. I’ve worked in this industry for over 20 years, and I’ve yet to meet a client that doesn’t want more sales. But how that is done in a way that creates long-term positive effect for the company and creates brand value is a much more complicated issue,” he adds.

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