McCann Worldgroup on Effie Awards Europe -kilpailun vuoden toimisto

Vuoden 2020 voittajat on julkaistiin Effie Awards Europe -virtuaaligaalassa. McCann Worldgroup palkittiin vuoden toimistona ja TRIAD Advertising sai Grand Effien slovakialaisen VUB Bankin kampanjallaan.

Katso Grand Effien saaneen kampanjan mainosfilmi ja lyhyt kampanjakuvaus:

”The prestigious Grand Effie for outstanding work was presented to TRIAD Advertising for their ‘Savings Therapy’ campaign for the VUB Bank. The campaign focused on getting people to save money while promoting Bank’s saving products. The brand treated not saving money as just another bad habit and prepared a reverse therapy where you could get addicted to saving. During the campaign, Slovaks saved 3x more than previous year fulfilling the goals by 150 %.”

Katso tiedote

Katso kaikki vuoden 2020 Effie Europe -voittajat

About the Effie Awards Europe

Introduced in 1996, the Effie Awards Europe were the first pan-European marketing communications awards to be judged on the basis of effectiveness. Effie leads, inspires and champions the practice and practitioners of marketing effectiveness through education, awards, ever-evolving initiatives and first-class insights into marketing strategies that produce results. Effie recognises the most effective brands, marketers and agencies in Europe and is considered as global symbol of achievement, while serving as a resource to steer the future of marketing success. EFFIE® and EFFIE EUROPE® are registered trademarks of Effie Worldwide, Inc. and are under license to EACA.  All rights reserved.  Find us on Twitter and Facebook.


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