CrUAtivity – new digest of Ukrainian advertising creativity


The All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition VRK presents a new project – CrUAtivity digest – which shows the actual cases of Ukrainian creatives in the recent months of the war.

The purpose of the project is to show that Ukrainian agencies could be creative partners for the international advertising community and continue to work even in difficult conditions and demonstrate what actual topics reflected by advertising creativity in Ukraine today.

The advertising industry of Ukraine is a multitude of talented and professional specialists who, despite the circumstances, continue to work and are ready to be reliable and creative partners for the advertising community from any corner of the world.

The All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition VRK, as the biggest association of advertising and communication markets in Ukraine, unites leading advertising companies of various specializations and is the CrUAtivity project organizer. Creative marketing communications agency Brain Tank and digital agency Adcore are the partners that helped in the implementation of the project.

What is CrUAtivity and how it works

CrUAtivity is a regular digest of advertising creativity in Ukraine. The project is presented on the site At the moment there are two issues: September-October and November-December issues.

Each issue provides a general overview of the cases in video format (WATCH section) and in text format (READ section), as well as each case is presented in detail in its category: Film, Design, Digital, Advertising campaigns or Social campaigns.

Thus, you can watch or read a general overview and then go to a specific case for more detailed information. Since many cases are made in Ukrainian, the detailed information contains either a description of the project or a translation of what is shown in the visual.

In addition, the authors of each case are indicated and there is a link to the site of the performers, where you can see more information about them and their work.

In case you want to contact a certain agency, you can do it directly through the contacts listed on its website, or contact VRK using the contacts listed in the Contact Us section.
Of course, the digest does not include all the works created in the specified period in Ukraine.

CrUAtivity digest for November-December

The digest for November-December presents 26 cases of 25 agencies in 5 categories.

As noted in the VRK, a tender for the restoration of the advertising market began to be observed. Although most of the advertising in Ukraine is still social, brands are gradually moving to the usual commercial communication with their audience. However, brand messages have become patriotic and supportive, responding to the challenges that Ukrainians face every day.

Ukrainians in the advertising industry despite the blackouts and horrors of war continue to create new communications, even unexpected ones, such as turning concrete blocks from former checkpoints in Kyiv into fairy-tale heroes or shooting a brand film about ”heroes of the animal front” or creating a special font from bullet holes in residential buildings.

The main topics of advertising activities in November-December were:

1. Support of Ukrainians in their struggle and daily feat

For example, the purpose of ”Hardness is ours” photo project by Postmen for Darnitsa pharma company ?s to show that all Ukrainians are hardened in their daily work in the conditions of war.  ”Give light” New Year campaign for the ALLO marketplace by TABASCO dedicated to all who shine for each other, regardless of blackouts and all circumstances. MOKO digital agency launched the first advent calendar ”Calendarinka” in the application of digital bank with the purpose to give Ukrainians a little joy in the face of constant disturbing news. The campaign by Fedoriv agency and FAMILY Production for the Nova Poshta express delivery operator shows that ”Tomorrow will be” both in a direct rational and figurative emotional sense.

2. Support for Ukraine in the world and thanks for this from Ukrainians

So, Banda Agency created a global communication for an international brand Uber ”Keep Ukraine moving”with the purpose to raise donations for UNITED24, President Zelenskyy’s main Ukrainian foundation.  Saatchi & Saatchi Ukraine rewrote “?arol for the Bells” for Shazam Donation Drive to support Ukrainian children affected by the war. Esse Production House studio created the video ”Thank you, Poland!” for the Embassy of Ukraine on the Independence Day of Poland.

3. Product launches with the war impact

A notable example was the launch of a new brand of premium Ukrainian vodka – NEPOBORNA (Irresistible). Naming, design and communication developed by Grape dedicated to resistance and victory. Taktika agency developed a new packaging design for a limited series of DIVO water bottles with neuroart about war on the label: Snake Island, the ghost of Kyiv and Ukrainian warbirds.

4. Other significant social issues

So, Vandog Agency has created the new identity for UNHCR project ”Break the Circle”, devoted to the counterpart of domestic violence.  ANGRY agency conducted the campaign ”Sensitivity defeats violence” as part of the ”16 days of activism against gender-based violence” campaign, which is celebrated all over the world.

5. Familiar advertising communications of brands

A good sign for the industry is that more and more space in the advertising pool is taken up by usual advertising communications. Thus, in the digest included the repositioning of the Slovianochka brand by Brain Tank and the creation the identity for the 51st Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival by Hexagon Agency and creation of the website for the semiconductor development company by Bambuk Studio  and other projects

So, we are proud to present the CrUAtivity digest of advertising creativity and show new opportunities to find creative partners for your business among Ukrainian creatives.

Share CrUAtivity digest with your colleagues to support the Ukrainian advertising industry.

CrUAtivity is creativity in a Ukrainian way!


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